We provide customised security and risk management solutions tailored to your business goals.

About Us

We provide integrated security solutions to help you effectively manage risk and secure your business.

Proudly Australian-owned, InTec1 is a leading provider of professional security consulting services to the government, commercial and critical infrastructure sectors. We offer hands on experience managing security threats for some of the country’s most respected organisations and agencies, providing specialist advise across physical security, electronic security and cyber security measures. Our team’s experience and technical expertise covers:

With the strength and backing of a national support base, we offer a long-standing history of strategic alliances and industry relationships, to ensure clients have access to an optimal suite of security services.

Our Approach

Our team is focused on assessing your organisational landscape from a security and risk perspective to formulate tailored solutions for you.

Our team takes a holistic approach to security and risk management, focused not only on how to minimise risks and vulnerabilities, but how to create safe and secure environments in a cost-effective manner.

With our unique set of skills and experience, we work with clients to understand their needs and objectives, identify their security challenges and concerns, and then develop security mitigation measures accordingly.

Our work philosophy is founded on the principles of ‘Security in Design’, where we aim to incorporate security principles into the architectural and operational design of an environment. When security considerations are built into the initial planning and design phase, organisations experience considerable benefits including:

  • Safe and secure environments for the user
  • Minimisation of harm to people, information and property
  • Cost and time efficiencies from post-construction ‘security holes’.
InTec1 - Security & Risk Management - Our Approach
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