Our solutions are grounded in research, guided by the latest technology and importantly, customised to your business needs.

Areas of Specialty

SCEC Consulting

Our experienced team of SCEC endorsed Security Zone Consultants offer advice on the appropriate physical and electronic security design measures in line with the Australian Government Protective Security Policy Framework.

  • Physical security advice for security zones in accordance with the PSPF
  • Security risk assessments
  • Type1A design and documentation
  • Type1A design peer review
  • Type1A witness and acceptance testing
  • Type1A certification/re-certification

Security Technology

Our security technology specialists offer the experience and expertise to design and deliver the full range of security technology solutions including electronic access control systems, intruder alarm and detection system, and CCTV and security barrier technologies.

  • Electronic access control, intrusion detection and CCTV security design and documentation
  • Witness and acceptance testing and commissioning
  • Construction administration of security services
  • Technical security audits
  • Routine Maintenance Audits

Security in Design

  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
  • Security master plans
  • Security concept plans and schematic design reports
  • Security design assessments

Risk Solutions

Our risk solution specialists deliver targeted risk assessments at an enterprise, business unit, service and system level.

Working with engineers, architects, planners and other technical services, our team help clients to understand the full risk landscape, and design solutions to mitigate present and emerging security risks.

  • Protective Security Risk Reviews (PSRR)
  • Security Vulnerability Assessments
  • Business Impact Assessments
  • Intelligence led Security Risk and Threat Assessments

INSIGHT: Security Vulnerability Assessment

A Security Vulnerability Assessment (SVA) is a systematic process that can help your business identify risk and evaluate the likelihood of a threat being realised. Maintaining appropriate defences against threats to assets is difficult for any business at the best of times – and keeping ahead of the realistic threats is an even bigger challenge. It is an ongoing process that requires a combination of threat intelligence, the right amount of security technology, physical security and the creation and continual updating of procedures and best practices.

What can a SVA do for your business?

A security vulnerability assessment provides your business with a full assessment of its security posture. It measures identified and known vulnerabilities against realistic threats, identifies security gaps and provides practical and realistic recommendations commensurate to the level of security risk.

Security Management

Our security management specialists help clients to effectively develop and implement policies and processes to protect a wide range of assets.

Our objective is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of security systems to ensure the intended value of an asset is fully utilised and managed.

  • Physical security advice in accordance with Critical Infrastructure guidelines
  • Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF) compliance
  • Operational security planning
  • Security awareness programs
  • Security management plans
  • Security road mapping

Information Security

Our information security specialists help clients to develop and implement physical and digital security measures to protect all information assets from unauthorised access, use, replication or destruction.

  • Develop and implement physical and digital security measures
  • Improve information security measures – inclusive of IT risk frameworks, assurance operating models and risk management technologies.
  • Specialist services through our network of IT Security and Cyber Security Consultants.
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